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As well as working with residential private clients both in the UK and abroad our projects also include businesses, retail premises, restaurants and fashion houses.


London W1

Robert Taussig worked with Palm Properties Corporation and Studio Loop Architecture and Development on this Central London Town House renovation. Control4 was used with Amina invisible speakers to create a minimal and clean aesthetic. Lutron lighting was used to provide a variety of lighting scenes around the property including in the high performance Basement home cinema. An Aquavision waterproof TV was incorporated into the Master Bathroom.


London SW7

Working alongside PTP Architects this project included a dedicated home cinema space in the Basement with audio and video multi-room thought the property. A lutron system was installed to control the lighting and blinds in the property.


London SW7

Amina speakers were used in this reception area to preserve the clean design aesthetic sought by the clients and architects. The music is controlled by a control4 wall mounted touch panel. 


London NW1

This bathroom space includes waterproof inceiling speakers from Bowers & Wilkins for music. An Aquavision waterproof TV in installed at the foot of the bath.



Both inceiling and underwater speakers are included in this pool area for continuous sound in and out of the water. A projector image appears directly on the wall for movie watching in the lounge space. 




Working with 23 Architecture, this residential refurbishment includes the creation of a two story basement with a home cinema on the Lower Ground Floor. The Master Bedroom benefits from a motorised TV lift mechanism enabling the TV to be hidden from view when not in use.



Working with Todhunter Earle Interior Designers on this delightful country house, Control4 with Amina invisible speakers were used to maintain a classic look while retaining intelligent system control. Lutron lighting was used to create a variety of lighting scenes both in and outside the property. A home cinema was included in the Playroom also utilising invisible plaster over speakers. 



Working with Mint Shop, this residential refurbishment includes a home cinema system in the basement with additional audio zones around the property. We have utilised invisible plaster in speakers to allow the client to enjoy music without the visible impact of standard speakers.



An audiophile DJ station was created for our client in W8 using a Mcintosh Hi-Fi system partnered with Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series speakers. The Mcintosh handles the analogue turntables, and the digital server through its built in DAC. 



This Kitchen area comes to life with Bowers & Wilkins inceiling speakers connected to a Sonos music system. The Sonos music system operates in multiple zones around this property.  



In a completely novel scheme, we designed and fitted out a dental surgery and seminar room with a high quality, video link, so that students downstairs can see procedures live from the dental chair.



This dining area features Amina invisible speakers with Lutron lighting all control by a Control4 wall mounted keypad.